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A downloadable game for Windows


- hold WASD or arrow keys to move, tap them to shoot

- press R to reset the game 

- you are a piece of tofu collecting eggs, flour, and peppers before you reach the frying pan in order to become something else

- items will automatically be added to your inventory after a few seconds if you do not throw them away

- watch out for peppers, they need to be chopped before added to your inventory or they will just do damage to you

-other pieces of Tofu are your enemies, they have similar powers to you

Dual Purpose Design

- the movement keys are also the fire/attack keys, in an attempt to make the game feel more skill based

-enemies demonstrate what powers you can get by combining items while also presenting a challenge

- items are easy to collect, but you can only hold 3, so it can be challenging to achieve your desired combo


Godot Engine

background art from


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Published 6 days ago


You Are What You Eat (17 MB)

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